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We’re emerging from ‘stealth mode’ to reveal the findings of our latest Clinical Trial

May 29, 2024 1 min read

We’re emerging from ‘stealth mode’ to reveal the findings of our latest Clinical Trial - Drink Ārepa Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald recently asked their readers to “picture an all-natural performance drink that is scientifically backed to enhance cognition, increase alertness, reduce brain fog and even improve reaction time and physical performance.” Present Ārepa. 

Angus Brown and Zac Robinson, co-founders of Ārepa, have developed an all-natural brain drink that aims to enhance cognition, alertness, and physical performance without relying on caffeine. Brown's experience in the energy drink industry and personal losses motivated them to create a healthier alternative with a felt effect. 

After years of research and development, they introduced Ārepa, backed by scientific studies and co-developed with neuroscientist Professor Andrew Scholey. The latest Clinical Study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, questions if Ārepa’s Neuroberry blackcurrants canenhance lung function in ozone-dense environments? This exact question sparked the curiosity of scientific researchers at Ārepa. The reason being, many densely populated metropolises are known for varying levels of pollution, which significantly affect athletic performance. When it comes to elite-level competition, even the tiniest differences in performance become of utmost importance. 

Although the study primarily examined performance in elite athletes, its findings on reducing the impact of pollution are relevant to all individuals. This holds particularly true for those who regularly exercise in polluted urban environments. This aspect of the study is truly inspiring as it presents potential advantages for everyone, irrespective of their athletic abilities.

This is the third independent, peer-reviewed and published study on the Ārepa formula. Ārepa has seven more studies either underway or completed to be published soon. Showing our commitment to science backed creditable brainfood.

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