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The Brain Drink for Calm & Clarity (300ml)⁺

1 serving per bottle

Developed by neuroscientists with clinically researched ingredients, this is a drink for everyone with a brain. 

Drinking Ārepa helps your brain keep calm and clear by reducing tiredness and supporting normal psychological and neurological function thanks to the high Vitamin C content in our Neuroberry⁺® Blackcurrants as part of a healthy and varied diet.

Enjoy with only 1.8g sugar in each serving.

  • Lite & sparkling blackcurrant flavour.
  • Formulated by our world-renowned neuroscientist.
  • With 250mg of L-theanine in every bottle

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      100-Natural Caffeine-Free Designed-by-Neuroscientists

      How to Take

      Consume one full drink (300ml) to get the full benefits of our clinically tested formula.

      Active Ingredients
      • 30ml Neuroberry†® Blackcurrant Juice
      • 150mg Enzogenol Pine Bark Extract
      • 250mg L-theanine
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      When to have Ārepa


      Start your day off right with Ārepa to keep you in the zone throughout the day. Arrive ready to engage.

      Important Moment

      To help with performance and where you find yourself in a moment of fatigue.⁺

      Afternoon Slump

      When you find your mental energy is fading and brain fog is setting in, take Ārepa to get back on task by reducing tiredness and helping with focus.⁺

      Evening Wind Down

      After a long and busy day and the mind is still racing, take Ārepa to help calm the mind.⁺

      One Serving of Calm & Clarity (300 ml)⁺


      Neuroberry†® Blackcurrants

      31 Cups

      Green Tea equivalent of L-theanine

      1.5 kg

      Fruit & Vegetable Flavonoids


      RDI Vitamin C

      Frequently Asked Questions

      With over one million bottles sold, people love the taste of Ārepa. Long gone are the days of drinks full of sugar, caffeine and other nasties! Ārepa is always 100% natural and caffeine free.

      Ārepa Performance⁺ – Full strength, healthy blackcurrant flavour.
      Ārepa Calm & Clarity⁺ – Lite and mellow taste, with most of the blackcurrant juice removed.

      Yes. Ārepa contains only natural plant-based extracts with extensive research behind their safety and efficacy. Our formula has been designed to be food safe our main ingredients have GRAS certification. Ārepa is always 100% natural and caffeine free.

      Ārepa is considered safe for breastfeeding mothers . Ārepa is safe to consume while pregnant outside of the first trimester, however we recommend to consult your GP if you have any concerns. Our main extracts are 100% natural, caffeine free and approved for food consumption. 

      Ārepa Performance⁺ and Ārepa Calm & Clarity⁺ formulas have been designed and tested around consuming one full drink (300ml) to get the best results.

      Ārepa contains only natural plant-based extracts with extensive research behind their safety and efficacy. We recommend consume a maximum of 4 servings per day. Effects don't accumulate beyond this point.

      How quickly Ārepa® gets you into a peak state depends on a range of factors. This includes your existing physiology, diet, how much sleep you get, and exercise routine. So, while some people may experience benefits almost immediately (20-30mins), for others it may take some time.

      Yes you definitely can, Ārepa won’t keep you up all night. L-theanine is actually great at assisting sleep, particularly if stress or a busy mind is stopping you from nodding off.

      We don't add any sugar to our beverages, the sugar in our drink comes from the fruit.

      We use Organic Erythritol and Stevia two natural, low-caloric, plant based sweeteners that are sugar free. They are safe and the amounts used are well within the FSANZ guidelines.

      Ārepa is bioactive. Always check with your GP if you are concerned.

      *The testimonials on our website are from customers sharing their experiences. They are individual opinions and not claims of verified health benefits. Our products, are high in Vitamin C and any claims we can make are stated below⁺. This is to comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (Standard 1.2.7). Always consult healthcare professionals for health-related advice.